Healing clone tool first healed image

This was the first time I used the new healing clone tool for the image editor in removing dust spots from a famous photo used in many online tutorials of similar programs, the user interface changed than the initially planed to be more user friendly, as the available functionality in the editor itself appeared to enable a more user friendly scenario than what I had on my head when I started coding, I will attach a screenshot of the tool and my trial to fix the image in this post. And document the journey with more details about the code and the tool usage in the next few days.

Screenshot from 2017-08-15 22-53-56


First coding month

Heading towards the first evaluation:

Even the exams and graduation project work this month, heading towards the first evaluation according to timeline with the planned UI ready for further development and started the search with examining a similar tool in gimp, and had more insights about the details of how the “Image Editor” works on a deeper level and how I should work to get to my next milestone of static parts cloning supporting the variable radius within the next 11 days.