First coding month

Heading towards the first evaluation:

Even the exams and graduation project work this month, heading towards the first evaluation according to timeline with the planned UI ready for further development and started the search with examining a similar tool in gimp, and had more insights about the details of how the “Image Editor” works on a deeper level and how I should work to get to my next milestone of static parts cloning supporting the variable radius within the next 11 days.



3 thoughts on “First coding month”

  1. Hello, Can you provide more information on the code that you wrote? by reading the text I can’t actually understand what are you trying to acomplish.


    1. Hello, what I’m trying to accomplish is adding a tool to the image editor of digiKam that helps to erase spots by the use of other parts of the image, most of the code so far is ui code, maybe next week with my currently in progress task it will be more in place to share the code itself in a longer post, for the project details and my commits so far they are available in my status report page:


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